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Galveston Island Picture and Art Framing

Galveston Island Picture and Art Framing

islandframed is here to help you preserve the quality of your art, photography or keepsakes at affordable prices.

We offer quality frames and provide outstanding service while educating our customers about the importance of custom framing.

islandframed offers these services  

  • Creative Custom Framing
  • Consultation and Design
  • Conservation Framing
  • Custom Canvas Stretching and Framing
  • Custom Shadowbox Framing
  • Custom Archival Photography Framing
  • Custom Framing of Your Children’s Artwork
  • Custom Diploma and Certificate Framing
  • Custom Poster Art Framing
  • Custom Light Up Shadow Box Framing
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Needlework Blocking and Stretching
  • Oil Painting Framing
  • Watercolor Framing
  • Newspaper or Magazine Articles
  • Photo and Drymounting
  • Over 1,000 Acid Free and Archival Matts to chose from

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I look forward to seeing all my regulars and meeting new customers !

Icons of Galveston

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints by Randall Cogburn

Summer Weddings!

Commemorate your wedding by framing your invitation and photos, as well as other keepsakes .Custom framing is the perfect solution for your treasures because we provide you with unique designs to suit your personal style, and we use conservation quality materials to help preserve them.

A rustic wedding

A rustic wedding

A beach wedding

A beach wedding

Invitations make a wonderful gift for the bride

Invitations make a wonderful gift for the bride

Shadowbox Treasures

One of my favorite things to do as a custom framer is to create and display someone’s treasures in a shadowbox. Everyone has something ,a favorite toy from childhood ,your dads military medals, keepsakes from a vacation or a collection of shells or coins. Another great gift idea for a bride is to frame the invitation and add a photo you took at the reception. Take a look around your home ,what’s hiding in a drawer that you would love to display and

A treasured paper doll turned into an awesome shadow box.

A treasured paper doll turned into an awesome shadow box.

enjoy everyday?

Custom Framed Mirrors

Mirrors are extremely versatile and can represent any décor or style in your home.

Placing a mirror on a wall opposite a window will multiply your view. Use a mirror in a small kitchen for a backsplash to enhance your cooking experience.

Adding a mirror over your fireplace will enlarge the room and add a reflective surface to the décor on your mantel.

Placing mirror vignettes on the side walls of a long hallway will brighten up the darkness.

Mirrors in your entryway is a welcoming sight for guests entering your home. Placed over a small table with a vase for fresh flowers and a lamp expands your living area. Website photo mirrorWeb site mirror

Making a Statement With Custom Framing

Would you like to have your home filled with personality and one of a kind treasures ,custom framing can help you achieve that. Most people just have art,photography,diplomas or portraits hanging in their homes.

Virtually anything can be featured in some fashion like a record jacket from your favorite artist can be framed and embellished to create your own unique style. This Elvis fan used Larson Juhl moulding and rhinestones to create a very unique statement.Elvis frame

A tall slender frame allows you to create an original statement to compliment your unique style.Tall frames web site

Why Custom Framing

Framing your memorabilia or a piece of art you love will help preserve it and keep it in pristine condition for years to come. My job as Custom Framing expert is to help you choose the correct style of frame and colors that will enhance what ever it is you want to preserve and display. As a designer of Custom Framing I will take into consideration the type of art or object ,where it will hang and what elements may come in contact with it.Preservation is the most important element of Custom Framing.Web site 7Needle work framimg  web photo